Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Blogging My Journey

How do I assess student learning?

Formal Assessments: These have been done at the beginning of the year, midway, end of semester, midway and end of semester. Hopefully the students will show growth and progress in each area. The idea is if they are not showing progress then the teaching techniques should be changed.
  • Progress monitoring in math using the math probes.
  • Progress monitoring in reading comprehension using the Basic Reading Inventory.
  • Progress monitoring using Corrective Word Sequences in writing.
  • Daily Behavior Report Cards to monitor target behaviors from the Behavior Intervention Plan.
Unit Assessments:
  • Projects using rubrics
  • Chapter Tests
  • Teacher made Tests
  • Curriculum Tests
How do I involve students in the assessment process? I don't involve them that much. Once in a while I will allow them to create their own test by having each one contribute a question.

How has this unit impacted or changed my view about teaching.
  • Project can be so much more individualized because of the students interests. They are more engaging and the students really like working on the computers. The quality of work I believe will improve with the project type of work. Just to get them motivated and engaged will be a plus.
  • Using rubrics I can get the students' input and put their ideas into the assessments.


  1. Thanks for your thoughts. You seemed to focus on more than just grades, but as a way to show student growth.

  2. Very organized grading structure. The students will appreciate the consistency in grading.

  3. From a former special education teacher to another, I understand all the strategies and assessments you are using.